eBay Find: 1977 AMC Matador Station Wagon – Cool In Copper

matador2 (800x538)

Sick of Matadors, you say? Too bad, because it’s AMC Week and I am going to milk my appreciation of Matadors as much as I can! I saw this one online a few months ago and really liked it. Earlier this morning we took a look at the 1963 Classic 770 Cross Country. Well, believe it or not, this Matador is the 1977 version of that Classic.

matador3 (800x580)

I have always had a thing for the 1974-78 Matador wagon. Indeed, it is my favorite version, as it didn’t have the Suddenly It’s 1967 styling of the 1974-78 coupe and avoided the “butt-lift” of the 1970-78 Rebel/Matador sedan, which I really didn’t care for. And how can you not love the woodgrained gauges? Carmine would approve, I think.

matador4 (800x600)

And how about those seats? Could they have come from anything other than a 1975-79 U.S. automobile? I think not.

matador5 (800x600)

The back seat matches. I think this wagon was probably not ordered by a young couple with kids, as that cloth would not be so pristine thirty-seven years after manufacture. Maybe an older couple, who had lots of hobbies–gardening, boating and such? I also have to mention that if Herb Tarlek were to sit in this car, he’d disappear.

matador 6 (800x600)

The cargo area is very well finished too, with plush carpet and chrome strips to ease loading items in the back.

b_1977 AMC Prestige-28-29 (800x556)

This Matador is quite well equipped, with the plush seating, sport steering wheel, Magnum 500s and whitewalls. The metallic copper paint is quite nice too, and I like the fact that it doesn’t have the woodgrain siding, even though I am a fan of Di-Noc.

matador7 (800x600)

This one has a V8 too, though you could still get the 258 six-cylinder in the Matador. Both the 304 or 360 were available in Matadors; perhaps some AMC fan can pin this car’s mill down?

All in all, quite the time capsule. Wouldn’t you really rather have a Matador?

matador1 (800x574)

The auction for this car and its pictures are long gone, but more AMC auctions can be found here on eBay.