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Anyone got $16k lying around? That’s how much it will cost to make this Omni GLH Shelby a part of your fleet.  It’s just the thing for those of you who enjoy buying new front tires and rotating them on a regular basis.  Or for those of you in the mood to scare the wits out of a passenger who has no idea what these cars are capable of.


I honestly didn’t know these cars were worth so much.  The listing shows three offers having been made and rejected already, without providing any specifics.  It’s hard to determine who this car’s audience is, since it’s not exactly a traditional favorite of import fanatics or the traditional muscle car crowd.  It’s too cool to be boxed in, but that also narrowed its fan base.  A production of only 500 cars helped ensure that whatever could be made would find a happy owner, but I wonder how many are left.  Do you guys think the price is reasonable?


Let’s look a bit more closely: the seat cushion appears slightly flattened and the tops of the door trim is faded, but the interior is otherwise very presentable after twenty-eight years.  The exterior is similarly hard to fault.

Omni Shelby7

A-pillar mounted boost gauges mark the only potentially objectionable modification, clashing with Chrysler’s famously comprehensive instrumentation.  Weird, considering the later, tamer Sundance RS came with a boost gauge standard.  Pushbutton climate controls to the left of the wheel complete the idiosyncratic look.  With a big intercooler, a 2.2 liter engine and air conditioning, the L-body was clearly designed with ample room under its hood.


As we see here, larger ducting and a K&N air filter show that some mild modifications have been done.  The sound of the air getting sucked in must be intoxicating.  On the listing, it’s stated that the car will be featured at a nearby car show next month.  It’ll be a treat to hear it “live,” making any failure to sell the car beneficial to me in the short term.


The view from the rear says the most about this car’s intentions, in case any bystanders were still unaware, with a modified exhaust and aggressive treads on wide tires showing real substance.  With an addition two degrees of toe-in on the rear axle, all the grip can be put to use without sending novices into the weeds too readily.  1986 would be the last year for the Omni’s Shelby treatment.  The following year saw the package moved onto the L-based Charger, possibly in an attempt to lessen the nerd factor.  I have a hard time deciding which of the two is cooler, but if I owned either, it would take a lot of self-control to treat them gently.



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