eBay Find: Original 1961 Porsche 356B T5 Coupe – I Like!


For those of you sick of Broughams and Volvos and old pick ’em ups, here’s a tasty bit of spaetzle for you! A original-condition, 61,000-mile Fjord Green Porsche 356 1600 coupe.


For those of you paying attention, my father is Mr. 356, as he has owned many of them since about 1971 or so. When I was born, he had a ’51 Reutter Cabriolet, which he sold in 1989 to get a 1960 356B Drauz Roadster.


So, I was infected with the 356 Bug from a very tender age, and still have a bad case of it today. Yes, American land yachts, Volvos, Porsches–what can I say, I have eclectic taste!


So when I saw this remarkably unrestored ’60 coupe online, I had to share it. But this is no Matt Garrett, zero-mile “in the wrapper” Brougham. No, this is an original with character. And I love the Fjord Green that this 356 is painted in–at least where there isn’t primer!


I could spot one of these 356 engines at 100 yards. I can still remember bumbling around outside at 2-3 years of age with Dad elbow-deep in the engine compartment of the ’51. Well, when I wasn’t trying to get into the 1800ES or ’79 Bonneville, that is!


There’s that Reutter coachbuilder’s plaque on the door post. Dad’s ’60 Etna Blue Roadster has a similar one–but of course it is a Drauz plaque. Later T6 “Twin Grille” Roadsters were built not by Drauz, but D’Iteren Freres of Belgium. And in case you’re wondering, the “D” in the 356A Convertible D is for Drauz.


I think this car would be perfect in Eugene, for someone wanting a bit more zip than, say, a F100 with a straight six…


Inside it is all business, save a radio. Climate Control? Lower the windows and open the vent wings. GPS? Read a map, for crying out loud! Just make sure you pull over first, so the map doesn’t get sucked out the window.


I can tell you those seats are extremely comfortable. Classic looks, too.


It even has a period Becker radio. Check out the listing on eBay right here and you can see lots, lots more pictures! It even has its original tool kit. So, have I convinced you on the merits of the 356? Give me a 356 over a 911 any day; they’re so cool! And they look so happy! (Update: it sold for $59,099! – ED).