eBay Find: Want A Four-Speed 4×4 With Opera Windows?

Pop quiz time! What has a straight six, a four-speed manual, four-wheel drive and…opera windows? Nothing, you say? Au contraire. Take a look at that instrument panel, guess, and click to find out what it is!

Dat’s wight wabbit! An AMC. Well, come on, who else but AMC could take so many dissimilar parts and turn it into a fully functional vehicle. Whitewalls, opera windows, stand-up hood ornament, two-tone paint, landau vinyl top…

Not to mention floating-pillow leather seating, woodtone trim in abundance…and a four speed manual! Great Caesar’s ghost! Who would order such a vehicle? Perhaps some AMC executive who wanted all the power options, but had a cabin in the woods well north of Kenosha, perhaps?

This car is identified as an inaugural ’80 but the bold checkerboard grille identifies it as an ’81 or newer, unless the grille was replaced at some point. Behind that grille lies the time-tested AMC/Jeep 258 six. Not the most efficient engine for the early eighties, but stout and stone-reliable.

I’ve always liked the AMC Eagle, but at the same time its popularity helped spur today’s silly, ugly crossovers combovers–with bar-stool seating. Bleah!

Intrigued? Well this car is currently on eBay and is located in Janesville Wisconsin. Got a need for four-wheel-Broughamin’? Then check it out here.