Eugene’s Curbside Classics In 1968: Can You ID Them All?

(This was sent in by CC reader Norm Thompson, and originally published in 2011. But it’s a great picture, and shows a surprising number of import brands at one student house in Eugene in 1968, so I deleted the few comments that were there to give you a fresh shot at identifying them all, again.)


The attached photo (Sorry for the quality. Originally snapped with a Minox camera and now reproduced with a digital one. I have no scanner) shows the front yard of my former residence in Eugene (1359 Patterson).

The challenge for you CC regulars is to identify the year, make and model of each of these five beauties. Note that one of them belonged to another tenant (and I don’t remember the model year) so the year on that one won’t count.

(the exact year on some of these might be a bit tough; but it’s quite the little collection Norm had then. And just for fun, I drove by that same house to see if there might be something interesting sitting there now. You never know:]

No such luck.