Fairway Classic: Yamaha G-5 Sun Classic – The Brougham Golf Cart?

Okay, this doesn’t exactly look like a Curbside Classic, but in actuality it really is. These special golf carts can be driven on the road. In fact, this one’s driven on the street all the time by the owners, who are non-golfing friends of mine.

And no, it’s not officially a Brougham–but it could be. At any rate, a few years ago my friends moved from Sherman, IL, to Arizona. This is Freda’s runabout, which they picked up second-hand. She just loves the thing and, according to Jerry, she’ll probably put 100,000 miles on it, all of them within two miles of their home!

image: mtsassociates.com

The Fast Learners golf magazine, mentions how, Yamaha designed these vehicles to be used not only as golf carts, but also as runabouts for limited-use roads. The Sun Classic may have shared its running gear and four-cycle engine with other Yamaha golf carts, but its true mission in life was providing comfort and convenience. The G-3, introduced in 1986, was the first model. In 1990, it was replaced by the improved and slightly bigger G-5 model, which had rack-and-pinion steering as well as–drum roll–button-tufted upholstery! And if all that Broughamesque luxury wasn’t enough for you, mini-whitewall tires were also available. Yes, really.

In Arizona you can register and drive a golf cart on the street as long as it has lights and turn signals. This one has both, as well as a windshield; roof; rear window; and side curtains, for those chilly desert evenings. And yes, it even has wheel covers! Jerry told me Yamaha made their particular model for only two years, in 1993 and 1994. Maybe folks just figured they could go buy a Geo Metro that had doors and A/C to boot. Nevertheless, the Sun Classic is an interesting hybrid of car and golf cart. I wonder how many were made?