From The Cohort: CCs In Jail

We received an inquiry from a reader which conveyed the hope that the new Administration here at CC will not forget to feature cars from the Cohort.  Which was a timely reminder because this part of the Editorial Team forgets about it routinely.  But that needs to be rectified.

For those not familiar, the CC Cohort is the place where readers post their own CC finds so as to share them with the rest of us.  The CC Cohort is available for all readers to scroll through an endless supply of pictures of just about everything.

It is also a great place for those of us who contribute to go for inspiration.  The reader’s request inspired yours truly to take a look see and I came across a trove of photos recently posted by Canadiancatgreen.  What struck me was that several of them were behind fences.  Which made them look like they are in jail.  In-car-ceration, you might say.  Let us examine these miscreants and consider what may have landed them in the clink.  And isn’t Sunday visiting day?

Let’s start with this guy.  He has clearly been fighting.  I would ask what the other guy looks like but he seems to be in no mood for interaction.  Those television shows can be more influential than we sometimes guess – like Braking Bad.

This Riviera gives every indication that it was caught driving without a license.  Sometimes these inmates will surprise you – we don’t expect to see a distinguished, well-dressed gentleman such as this in the hoosegow.

This one (identified only as Transit Bus – Maybe Jim Brophy can help us out?) was getting some exercise out in the yard.  We can only guess but I suspect that he was picked up for being loaded.  Or maybe for carrying without a license?  Bussted.

I think this is a Datsun/Nissan – a 200SX?  He looked fishy and when the cops asked what he was doing he took off running.  Possibly a SX offense?  In any case he looks like a meth head.  That methanol is bad stuff.  And never try outrunning a Charger, son – it just doesn’t work.

Sometimes even the all-American type goes astray.  This one is clearly under the bad influence of his little brother, a Rebel who will never be any good (and never, ever does what he should.)

What is a nice, innocent looking Falcon doing here?  It was surely not caught speeding.  He was reportedly heard yelling through the fence “It’s profiling, I tell ya – they just picked me up because I’m red.”  But then I overhear something about “automatic” and “C4” and I wonder if maybe this guy is the most dangerous of all of them.

And finally, what have we here?  This one got picked up under the alias of Pontiac Acadian.  They ran his DNA and found that his street name was actually Chevy Chevette and that he was just impersonating a Pontiac.  There are rumors he comes from Germany and that he has caused misery all over the world.

That is all the cars in the Gray Link hotel for today.  We can only take so many examples of good cars gone bad, but maybe we can come back to the topic again some time.