From The Other Niedermeyer: You Meet The Nicest People In A Jobless Recovery

Honda nicest people

(Niedermeyer the younger has been busy with a number of projects since leaving TTAC almost two years ago. But TTAC alums inevitably can’t stay totally away from writing about the automotive scene one way or another, so he’s now also partnered with that other former TTAC-er Bertel Schmitt on a new site, Daily Kanban. Edward has written a thoughtful commentary on one of the biggest trends and most-written about subjects in recent years, the apparent apathy towards cars in the younger generation):

Of all the megatrends bearing down on the auto industry, the tidal wave of apparent youth apathy towards cars is perhaps the most troubling. In any case, it’s one of the most discussed topics among both mainstream automotive reporters and a younger generation of car bloggers. But, as one might expect in any generational discussion, opinions about the roots and direction of the trend towards youthful carlessness are sharply divided along these lines, with the older reporters insisting that young people are “losing interest” in cars and the younger bloggers insisting the trend is entirely the product of a tough economic environment for young people.

I’ve been following this topic since 2009, I’ve watched these battle lines be drawn, and so far the discussion is stagnating into the kind of blame-game trench warfare that seems to take hold of all contemporary public debates. But while the generations battle over whether the coming carlessness can be blamed on the digitized fecklessness of Millenials or the Boomers’ irresponsible economic management, picking ones way through the debate’s no-mans-land and into the wider world grants a more nuanced view the situation.

Read the rest of his editorial here at Daily Kanban