Future CC: 2013 Dart – You Want Colors? I’ll Give You Colors!

02-03-2013 029 (1280x852)

The new Dodge Dart has piqued my interest ever since I saw it at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show. For the longest time they were unavailable, but they finally started appearing last fall. On a visit to the local dealer this past Sunday, I saw that buyers are spoiled for choice; there had to be twenty on the lot. There are some pretty cool colors, too. So, for those of you a little woozy from our land yacht brunch earlier this morning, how about something nice and light–like this Key Lime Dart?

02-03-2013 030 (1280x852)

I know this Rallye version looks yellow in the photos, but trust me, it was lime green in person. Think 1970 AAR ‘cuda and you’ll know the color.

02-03-2013 032 (1280x852)

Ah yes, another drab interior, but at least the seats have racing stripes! And really, what other color but black would go with lime green paint?

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If bright lime green isn’t quite your style, there was also a bright orange one. Remember when you could get orange cars? Back in the ’70s, you could get anything from a Volvo 240 to a Corolla in this hue. This one certainly stood out in a row of silver, black and white Darts.

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And is that a white interior? I think the sun is partly to blame, but this looks quite a few shades lighter than the garbage-can gray you see in many other new cars. I kind of like it, but I imagine this cloth upholstery would be a pain to keep clean.

1975 Dodge-03

Really, if you’re doing a Dart revival you should have white vinyl upholstery. And a pillarless hardtop with a concave backlight. And a vinyl roof! And a Special Edition model with color-keyed wheel covers! For that matter, how about a two-door GTS?

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I mean, it’s great that Dodge brought the Dart back, and it looks nice, but it really doesn’t have a lot in common with past Darts–or with current Dodges for that matter, save the mini-Charger taillights. I look at this side view and think “new Neon,” not “Dart”.

Although most Darts seem to be found on dealer lots and not on the roads around here, I have to give Chrysler a thumbs-up for returning a storied name to the lineup–not to mention a bright palette of interesting colors. Who knows how many folks will pick the cool colors, though.

1969 Dodge Dart-02

The Dart seems to be a nice compact in a sea of reliable compacts. But will they be collected in thirty years, like the 340 Swinger and 1967-69 GTS? And will they enhance or tarnish the Dart/Valiant’s stone-reliable rep?

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