Future CC For Sale: 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Van – Surprise Everybody At Your Local Home Depot

Of course you can turn a Japanese turbodiesel SUV into a van to get it registered, priced and taxed as a commercial vehicle in the Netherlands, but there are options at the other end of the spectrum too.

Something like this smokin’ powerhouse.

Nothing unusual so far.

Yet I bet you haven’t seen a Jeep Grand Cherokee two-seater before, with a full divider directly behind the front seats.

Rear seats and seat belts out, divider and cargo floor in. Note that everything is reversible. That is, as long as you don’t use the van to haul the seats etc. straight to the nearest dumpsite.

It would be a nice ride for a moonshine runner (granted, in a less outstanding color). Or for Dr. Pol. Jim Klein? Anyway, it’s possibly the world’s fastest road legal delivery van.

(Original Dutch ad)