Future Classic Outtake: Pontiac Solstice – A Bit Short On Sunshine

Pontiac Solstice rf

I happen to pass by this Pontiac Solstice and took a couple of images to share. These were built for MY 2006-2009. Of the approximately 64,000 that were produced I have maybe seen maybe ten in the tens of thousand miles I’ve driven since 2006. 7,000 units were ordered in the first ten days of availability. Pontiac struggled to keep up with demand. And then the 2008 recession hit, and sales dried up, as did Pontiac shortly after.

Pontiac Solstice rq

I’m not sure of the year and or model of this unit. If you can find a Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe, there were only 226 ordered with the manual transmission, your dollars-to-fun ratio should improve greatly. It appears there won’t be any more Pontiacs produced and we know this was a “small” production run. The car, in my opinion, has a nice aesthetic and I believe will be a future classic. Oh, wait, I should have purchased one or two before this publishes….