Halloween Outtake: 1968 Plymouth Fury Suburban Hearse – Final Destistation Wagon

Once upon a time in the Low Countries, hearses based on American iron were the norm. As a matter of fact, many of them are still rumbling along just fine. It was quite a surprise though to meet a classic Mopar C-body in the flesh, as the hearses of yore were usually based on GM and FoMoCo products. The subject, a 1968 Plymouth Fury Suburban, also happened to be in an immaculate condition, still very much alive and kicking.

Retired but not tired hearses, a healthy niche market in the world of classic US cars. Often they get an out of control macabre humor treatment, but in this case it was kept rather subtle. YMMV, of course.

The Plymouth is powered by a 225 c.i. Slant-Six. Adequate, given its profession.

And what a sublime last ride it is, as if it was born to be a Death Wagon.

Now there’s a guy who likes to live outside the box. On the left a lifelike miniature of Magere Hein. That’s Meager Hein, our Grim Reaper.

The hearse was imported into the Netherlands just two years ago. Its first date of registration is August 8, 1968. I’m quite positive that Mr. A. Lerouge & Son, an undertaker from Belgium, was the Plymouth’s original owner. The company’s name and address were printed on a big, brown envelope, placed behind the right side window. On a related note, in Belgium (Flanders) the Reaper goes by the name of Pietje de Dood, Lil’ Pete the Death.

The Plymouth brand was buried many full moons ago, I hope this Suburban will refuse to go underground for years to come. Knock on wood.