Hearse Week Outtake: Coolest. Hearse. Ever.



Remember the 1971 movie Harold and Maude? Silly question. If you saw it, you’ve never forgotten it. And if you’re a Car Guy like me, you consider its star not Bud Cort or Ruth Gordon, but the hearse that Harold fabricated from a beautiful black XK-E that had been a gift from his mother. Sadly, when the hearse was sent off a cliff in the movie it was no special effect–they really did send the hearse over the edge to its demise.

sts hearse

Four decades later, the Jag seems to have influenced at least one  hearse stylist, as this Cadillac CTS conversion attests. Pretty slick, isn’t it? Well, as they say, Cadillac Style is the only way to go.

And a happy, haunted and safe Halloween to all!