CC Illustrations: Bear Spotting

In this first of my weekly posts, I present the illustration that started me down this rabbit hole a couple years ago.

Ford Crown Victoria Bear Spotters Guide

I started doing these illustrations after I found a “Bear Spotter’s Guide” from the December 1977 Car and Driver that featured all the state police and highway patrol vehicles from every US state, and asked myself what a more modern one would look like. So, inspired by that and the colored line drawings found in older car brochures, I put one together using the ubiquitous Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Two little differences are the use of the Hawaii Sheriff in place of the Honolulu Police, as that state has no actual state police/highway patrol agency, and the addition of the District of Columbia.

Here’s that 1977 inspiration:

Car and Driver 1977 Bear Spotters Guide


Continuing on the theme was the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility. This time I was able to find photo references for the various U.S. territories, so they are on this one.

Bear Spotters Guide Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility

And finally, a trip back to the 1980s. Also harkening back to the original inspiration and lack of photo references, the Honolulu Police represents Hawaii.

Bear Spotters Guide 1980s

Next week, we are going to take a look at some New York City taxis.