Vintage Photographs: American Iron And Dutch Scenery


(first posted 11/14/2014)    One of my favorite Dutch websites about American cars is AmerikaanseAutoPagina. Lots of information, discussions, stories, pictures and videos about all kinds of old and new American vehicles. That is, American automobiles as we like to see and remember them: big and with a V8, preferably with a matching sound….You won’t find anything about Chrysler PT Cruisers and Dodge Calibers, to name a few lesser gods.

To me one of the most interesting topics is the photo-collection of classic American cars as seen on the streets, at garages, in driveways and in parking lots in my country. Twenty eight pages with pictures so far, and still counting….

What’s striking is the almost unbelievable variety of car brands and models, with many representatives of The Big Three. Note that wealthy people, and that included the Royal Family, drove Buicks, Cadillacs, Lincolns and Mercurys in the first decades after the Second World War. As a matter a fact, there wasn’t anything else in that high-end segment of the car market back then. And then you also had the hearses, ambulances, police cars and taxis based on American cars. Conversions were often done by local coach builders.

That all changed in the early seventies. Oil prices started to rise and the Mercedes star started to shine brighter. Meanwhile mainstream European automakers also offered bigger sedans with more power, luxury and comfort.

I selected a few pictures of the vast collection posted on the forum, if you’ve got some spare time then you can enjoy them all right here.

Groove_Champion 6

Out of place…..Who ? Me ?


Out of place…..Who ? Me ?

Stargazer, Mopars haven R'dam

Shiny brand new Mopars, waiting for their customers in a parking lot of the Port of Rotterdam.

Groove_Champion 7

That must be a lot of cylinders.

Groove_Champion 8

Now at CC we take a lively interest in The Wagons Of Death, the Grim Reaper’s Utility Vehicle. I wonder if there’s a causal relation between the interest in hearses and the average age of the CC crowd. Anyway, hearses rule, hearses are cool ! (certainly in the back)

Groove_Champion 2

Better let the good times roll, at the beach….

Groove_Champion 3

….or cruising down the road with the top down.

Groove_Champion 5

Ford F100 police car.

Stargazer, Suburbans

Two other police cars, Chevrolet Suburbans.

Bozo, Packard en 2x Buick

Three ambulances, a Packard and two Buicks.


Perfect ! Just perfect.

Groove_Champion 4

Mr. Jan de Boer has passed away, “erven” means the successor(s) of the deceased, but his garage lives on.


GM classics on both sides of the DAF bus.


And finally, some junkyard finds.