CC Housekeeping: Melbourne Motorclassica Meetup Memo


Motorclassica is coming up again, and this time we’re going to try and formalise a get-together of curbivores. Up till now it’s been a bit informal, with convenor JohnH and myself making it two years ago. Last year we expanded the gathering with five for lunch and six to the event. This year, who knows?


Some of you, like myself, might not be such a fan of carshows but the Motorclassica really does bring together a great selection of rare, exotic and sometimes hitherto completely unknown marques.


This year’s theme is Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, not Ghia. This lovely green US/Italian hybrid was on display last year


Last year’s theme was Maserati, with a nice scattering including some OSCAs.


The range of vehicles on display covers almost all eras, and can be quite extraordinary.


There are cars made for the track, and those seen on the street.


This year’s Motorclassica will be held on 21-23 October, as always at the Royal Exhibition Building on the north edge of Melbourne’s CBD.


Last year we met on the Friday, but that might be inconvenient for some. We’re thinking of having lunch at Carmine’s in Lygon Street again. It’s just around the corner, the food is good and not expensive, and the name has its own historical links with CC. So let us know if you’re interested in coming, and what day suits. If we get enough response, we’ll do a further memo closer to the date.

Motorclassica website