CC Site Update: Email Subscription Now Working Properly



Tired of constantly having to check Curbside Classic for new posts? Now you can receive a daily or weekly summary of new posts directly to your email inbox by clicking on the “subscribe” link in the upper right of virtually every page! We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this and never miss a new post.

And now the system is working properly; more below:

If you are thinking to yourself that this isn’t a new feature, then you are quite correct – the email subscription has been available for many years.

However, during the last oil change, the grease monkeys who service noticed that the subscribe and unsubscribe functionality has not been working for quite some time – two years to be exact (the wheels of progress may sometimes turn slowly here, but they do turn).

If you attempted to subscribe in the past and never received any emails, you are encouraged to sign up again. Similarly, if you have attempted to unsubscribe from our emails in the past and were unable to do so, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any recent email and rest assured that the system will now honor your request.