Curbside Overhaul: Pardon Our Dust

It’s early Sunday morning here in The Middle West, and you’ll notice the site looks a little different today. No, it’s not a site redesign, but rather is the result of finally getting all the “back end” components of CC upgraded to their latest versions, including the WordPress theme utilized by CC.

The upgraded theme changed the site layout a bit, so please bear with us as we sort through those issues – the main goal this morning was to get everything upgraded so we can start tackling other issues on the site.

If you spot anything (other than the obvious cosmetic issues), please leave a comment to this post and I’ll take a look.

Bonus points if you can identify the engine above (hint: don’t let the color throw you).

Postscript by PN: Turns out that in the process of our “overhaul”, a number of image files have gone the way of of metal shavings from the boring machine. Hopefully, we’ll recover them. So if you notice older posts with missing pictures…we may have to re-sleeve.