QOTD: 1968 Camaro vs CHP – Real or Staged? (Updated)

Screenshot from the official Facebook page of the California Highway Patrol office in Bishop, California. Real or faked? You decide.

Update: We now know what really happened.

Comments by PN: My problem with this shot boils down to this: The Camaro’s position in the road doesn’t make sense. The front of the car could only have been maybe two or three feet further forward before its front valance and/or bumper would have hit that bank of soft dirt. But that would still have left the rear wheels well on the hard gravel surface. And how or why would someone drive a pristine and immaculately clean ’68 Camaro straight off the road and into a the bank? Look at the position of the front wheels. If they were turned the other direction, it might make more sense, as he would presumably have been more parallel to the road. As it is , he was clearly perpendicular to the road. Was he heading straight off the road into the desert sand?

If the Camaro had been positioned differently, I’d be a bit less skeptical. I’ve seen a lot of cars stuck in the ditch or in sand, but never in this position, where the rear wheels would never have left the road. All four wheels of the Camaro are totally on the road. Why the pushing and spinning wheels?

There’s still the issue of why the photographer isn’t helping push. or why the camera’s lens does not appear to be a phone camera, which would give a much wider angle to the background, and make it appear smaller. And the many other reasons given in the comments.

I’m strongly inclined to believe that it was either totally staged to begin with, or some kind of “rescue” did actually happen, and it was decided to commemorate/publicize it with a re-enactment of sorts. If the CHP wants to prove it otherwise, how about a dashcam video?