What I Did On My Summer Vacation, by James, age 12

pudgy kid wagon post B

James age 12 Shafer Middle School
Mr. LaHood room 207

When Mr. Niedermeyer found out we were going to Mars, he said we could stay at his condo. Dad was happy because this year, there was a close approach to Mars right when he got vacation. They happen every 26 months. Mars was only 57.6 million miles away. He wanted to go there to pick up a truck he boght on ebay.


The truck is very rare and has papers saying it was the only Terraplane truck on Mars. Dad says it is cool because it has pateena. Dad likes old cars with pateena which is like rust with no holes. Everything is rusty on Mars. Dad thinks its funny to have a Terraplane on Mars because Terra means Earth ha ha. He wants to call it The Marsaplane like Mars and Terraplane put together ha ha ha. Dad says thats funny on many levels. Mom thinks thats a lot of work just for one dumb joke.

truck on trailer B

We borrowed the Cavanaugh’s DeSoto because it has a trailer hitch. They use it to take their submarine to Saturn. We stoped at the moon to get a Uhaul Trailer. The dealer was called Carr’s Rental Trucks (ha ha), in the Sea of Tranquility, next to the Apollo Museum. Dad says it saved us 500,000 miles off the rental over bringing it from Earth. He promised us a treat with the savings if we were good and didn’t fight. We didn’t fight all the way to Mars, and he boght us all ice cream when we got there. An ice cream cone costs 7.50 Earthoes on Mars. They don’t have to use frezers but milk is not cheep. That is $574.37. I got sprinkles on my cone.

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C+. Very interesting theme. Some unnecessary details. Punctuation! Spellcheck? – T. L
PS: Please tell your Father I would like to know if I can see the truck.