In Motion Classic: 1967 Ford Mustang Notchback – Spicy Mustard

016 - 1967 Ford Mustang CC

It seems to me that part of the fun of owning a classic car would be actually driving it around.  With a perfectly maintained, garaged, or restored example, the less likely one would be to run errands in it.  The formula is one of inverse proportion: the nicer the car, the lesser the use.  This 1967 Ford Mustang notchback, which I’ve seen around the city, seems to support my theory.  No trailer queen, this one.

006 - 1967 Ford Mustang red CC

Compare the slightly imperfect yellow one to this red ’67 notchback I had seen one month earlier, in the Chicago Loop.  Granted, the admiring gaze of my fellow pedestrian left of frame partially obscures the view of this example, but its great condition is still apparent.  Those chrome wheels were certainly not factory, and the car otherwise looks to be a solid “2”.  Many office-dwelling car aficionados will occasionally take their treasures out of the garage for their commutes to and from work once the snow melts and the roads clear.  My guess is that this red ’67 comes out of the garage only on special days, and is probably off limits for the kids to play in and around.  And there is strictly no eating, drinking, or smoking allowed while in or around the red car.

010 - 1967 Ford Mustang CC

The yellow one?  Munch all you want, as long as you share and don’t get ketchup on the seats.  Be careful when you fling ash out the window, and for Pete’s sake, at least flip open the passenger side vent window if you should fart.  We should be careful not to assume that less than pristine condition somehow indicates lack of pride of ownership.  Quite the opposite, actually.  The unrestored state of this yellow Mustang carries with it a certain amount of roguish swagger that speaks to me.  The cool kids have always been the ones who don’t care if they’re cool – and this yellow ’67 exudes that kind of confidence in spades.

011 - 1967 Ford Mustang CC

I would eventually like to have my very own Curbside Classic (and write about it here).  My budget will likely dictate that this car will not be the best example money can buy, but my hope is that it will still be a very nice car that I will be able to enjoy without constant fear of its theft or destruction, much like this gentleman appears to be enjoying his Mustang.  Pass the French fries.

Top photo: Lakeview, Chicago, Illinois.  Saturday, September 21, 2013.

Second photo: Downtown, The Loop, Chicago, Illinois.  Wednesday,  August 21, 2013.

Third and fourth photos: Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois.  Wednesday, September 5, 2012.

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