Dash Cam CC: 1961 Chevrolet Apache Suburban

Driving with my wife and son to a relative’s Bar Mitzvah event (oh God…), I spotted- only just- a big, dark, familiar shape coming towards me in the opposite lane.


Yes, a rather short video, but he was driving the other way:

As with many other classics that roam Israel, I’ve seen and photographed this one before, at classic car meetings:

This is another new import to the country. Whether it was imported at this condition or gone through a local restoration upon arrival, I have no idea.

As big as these wheels are compared to the skinny original items, the big Suburban still manages to dwarf them.

At first, I thought this generation’s 1961 hood was hideous, but as I grow older I must admit it’s growing on me. Especially the Step-Side Truck, exemplified in the next two photos (again taken at a local meeting):