In Motion Capsule: Mercedes-Benz 450SL – The Art Of Aging Gracefully, Part 2

Two weeks ago, CC’s Joseph Dennis wrote about a Mercedes-Benz 380SL in a piece titled The Art of Aging Gracefully.  Joe’s featured SL was battered, but still exuded the classiness that enabled Mercedes’ R107 convertibles to remain in production for nearly two decades.  This SL, by contrast, defines graceful aging from another perspective.  After all, the key to aging gracefully is remaining active – and how many 40+ year-old cars do we typically see hauling a pair of bicycles?   This SL is still living the dream.

Taking two people on a pleasure ride is exactly what the SL was made for.  And it was indeed a pleasure to see our featured car cruising down a highway on a warm weekend afternoon, providing freedom for its two occupants.  Upon closer inspection, this in-motion SL had its share of nicks and paint blemishes, but of aging gracefully doesn’t mean aging perfectly.

Being active and agile well into an advanced age – we should all be so lucky as to age like this 450 SL.  Happy trails!


Photographed in Falls Church, Virginia in August 2020.