In-Motion Classic: 1981 Chevrolet Blazer K5 – The Shape of Things to Come

Take a look at this photo: the very familiar shape of a Chevy Blazer is flanked at the back by its spiritual predecessor, the Jeep (in this case the Wrangler, an indirect descendant of the original WW II Willys MB), and at the front by its spiritual successor, a modern, relatively small SUV (here represented by this Kia Sportage). As times change, cars continue to evolve.


I think most modern SUVs take their inspiration from this specific K5, being it’s a 2WD- as most SUVs are nowadays. Yes, I know this Blazer is truck-based and constructed differently than the uni-body Sportage above, but stay with me, people; I’m referring to the spirit of things.

The license plate tells me this Blazer was imported when new, back in 1981 and as you can see, it’s been kept as original as can be:

As with most of my dash-can classic victims, this K5 was also familiar. Predictably, I photographed it before at classic meetings, at different times:

Close-up, it looks very well preserved. Nice to see it being used more than just traveling to-and-from classic car meetings.