In-Motion Classic: 1986 Opel Corsa ‘A’ Sedan On The Move


Another nice find is up from the faithful dash-cam, this time it’s a well kept Mk1 Corsa.


This was a very popular car in its day. Israelis have always been known to fondle- sorry, to be fond of Sedans. This was the “big car shape”, and big is always better, no? Well, the public thought so.

The example you see here was driven by an old lady and looks to be very original and very preserved (not the lady- the car). Just look at the small diameter wheel covers still in their place, or the original Beige paint which was very popular back then:


Here is another Corsa ‘A’ Sedan I photographed at my town, this time sporting two doors and a roof rack:


Note the very same color and an original antenna! And if you’ll look closely, you’ll find another copycat Corsa in the photo.

The Corsa ‘A’ fit the local car driver like a glove. Yes it was small, but “German”, and those cars are the best! I mean, this is practically a small Merc or BMW… It mostly appealed to old people, which hung on to the Corsa for dear life and would not let go. Any time you see one, it’s still being driven by a man or women over 65- I grantee that.

And they’re right, you know. Compared to so many other cars of the era, the Corsa held up really well. It was sensible, well built and an all-together no nonsense car. And it’s still is. My recently sold 2014 Corsa D is still favorite among older people. Boring it is, but that’s not an issue, when you’re after a sturdy, reliable and sensible car.

Let me show you what I mean. I think a COAL is out of the question concerning a new, 2014 car that was with me only two years, but I’ll take this opportunity to examplify with photos how despite it’s small size, the Corsa D has a place for everything and everything’s in its place :


A simple-looking boot, but note the right and left covers:


The left one has a place to house an emergency-kit, while the right…


…Neatly stores the jack paraphernalia.

CIMG1841Within it you’ll find this. Do you know what’s it for?


So that when you’ll have a flat, it’ll be easier to get the wheel cover off the rim.

All this makes the boot extremely spacious for a car this size, but if it’s still not enough, you can set the back rest of the rear seats in a forward position, to add more room in the boot:


The arrow points to the normal position’s hole, while the seat is now set in forward position.


You also get this.


Which does this. Why dirty your fingers? The opposite end is the “key” to activate the rear door child safety locks.


Up front, note the not-so-small storage area under the arm-rest. I never even noticed it was there until my wife started placing her mobile phone in it.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Sensible, no-nonsense car, and in my case very reliable (1.4 liter atmospheric with a manual gearbox, what could go wrong?). Just the car the old folks love.


So, however dirty…


…Or clean, it served me well. Should the next owners maintain it as I did, I’m sure it’ll hold up just as its older brother, the A.