In Motion Classic: A Hazy Shade of Winter Citation

I was on my way to an appointment and about to cross the Arkansas River on the highway 64 bridge between Van Buren and Fort Smith, Arkansas when I spotted the Citation pulling up beside me. I grabbed my cell phone for a snapshot or two. It’s in good shape despite at least one hubcap and the unobtainium plastic between the bumper and the quarter panel missing in action.

It’s a 2.8 V-6. I followed it for a while and it was keeping up with traffic well and didn’t smoke at all. First a shot of the right side. The glare of the cheap Nissan plastics on my windshield never fails to annoy, even on a cloudy winter day.

Notice that there are no rust holes from a dealer’s emblem being screwed onto the trunk, as was the norm back then. You don’t see many of these in traffic anymore. This one must have been a keeper judging by the lack of rust, the original emblems (it even had the Citation II on the front fender) and the condition of the paint.

It’s either an 84 or 85 model as Chevrolet rebranded the Citation as the “Citation II” for those years, as if we’d be fooled into thinking it was a different car! I am thinking it is an ’84 model as the 112 hp V-6 was upgraded to fuel injection with a whopping 130 hp for 1985 and I don’t see any ‘fuel injection’ emblems here.