In-Motion Classic: Cat And Mouse With a Corvette C4


A few days ago I was driving with my wife and son up to my mom for the customary Friday dinner. On the way, I happen to stumble upon this C4 ‘Vette, complete with glowing lights from under its hood and around the front wheels.


Unintentionally, both of us were passing and re-passing in a sort of seesaw effect:

For those of you interested; I’m listening to the Climax Blues Band. I’ve convinced myself three-months-old Ben likes it (probably not, he’s fast asleep at this stage).

In Israel, most if not all C4 Corvettes were imported in recent years and not when they were produced. Numbers are actually increasing, now that more than thirty years have passed since the first C4s rolled off the assembly line, so you can now import then as “Collectible Vehicle”s, and many people do. There’s also a good Israeli club for Corvettes, with meeting and activities. I mentioned it here.

And now for some photos I’ve taken of C4s from various meetings: