In-Motion Classic: Dash-cam Mustang Up Early On a Saturday


As you may or may not know, Saturday in Israel is like Sunday all over the western world- a day off from work and no public transport. So 8:30 AM is considered very early, most people are still in bed. That is, unless you and your wife decide to go for a nice breakfast in a favorite restaurant.

As ever, I’ve got my faithful Dash-cam with me, and on this particular Saturday it captured another early riser, heading wherever in his Pony.


The Mustang was heading towards me, but still the Dash-cam managed to capture the unmistakable shape:

As a sad side note- on the left (to the right of the Mustang), is the food and shopping complex where inside one of the restaurants there, a terrorist attack has taken place very recently (on Wednesday). Driving past, the place was very quiet, but that’s always the case this early (remember it’s a day off).



Back to the mustang; I have plenty of Mustangs under my lens, and this one didn’t seem unfamiliar to me. However, going through my photos I couldn’t find it. That is, unless the owner decided to change its wheels for some reason. Look at this:


I first thought it was this one, but not only the wheels are different- see the “supports” under the front bumper- they’re missing from the videoed Mustang.


Here it is from a different angle. Looking at it now, I think the color might be wrong as well. This one is more on the Bordeaux side.


I found an even older photo of a Mustang with what I think is the right color. Of course, you must disregard the w-i-d-e white stripe and again- the wheels are different.


Well, no matter- it’s still a good capture of a CC in motion. I’ll leave you with a nice photo taken a few years back at a Mustang meeting.