In-Motion Classic: Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And I’m not referring to the bright yellow hue this gorgeous vintage Ferrari wears.

Two winters ago, I was temporarily removed from my mechanic duties to fill in at the motor pool office at my workplace. My job was essentially like that of a librarian, only instead of books, I checked out cars, trucks, and assorted specialty vehicles to people who needed them. All the other regular staff was either on vacation or medical leave, so my name got pulled out of the hat due to my combination of rank and seniority, as well as my rep for having a solid work ethic. Oh joy. 

Office work and me go together about as well as a supermodel and fast food, but the job wasn’t entirely without its perks. I got to spend my downtime checking out all sorts of attractive, smartly-dressed ladies as they went to and fro to their various appointments at offices all over downtown. I also got to glimpse many CCs passing through, but usually wasn’t quick enough to capture it on camera. This time was different, however.  I grabbed my phone just in time to snap a couple of pics of this lovely and rare machine through my office window before it vanished into downtown traffic. It was a lone ray of sunshine on an otherwise damp, chilly, and gray day.