In-Motion Classic: Hippie Bus, As Interpreted From Afar

I was almost too late—but not quite!—to snag a pic of this fab VW Bus and its well-matched driver on a June afternoon in 2018.

That’s a lot of devoted hand-paintwork, that is. The driver saw me gleefully Kodak-momenting, and he deserved every bit of the pride behind his smile. He and his Bus reminded me of Mike and his Bus.

Hang on, though. The driver’s on the right side of the Bus, which is a ’73-up model with big square turn signals above the headlamps, yet has no side markers (saints preserve us!). That’s because this hippie and Bus…

…were in Tokyo! “Oshino Dead 2018” refers to the Oshino Dead Festival, which I gather to be more or less annual. Groovy!