In-Motion Classic: Lightning Fast Subaru Pickup

Well, when I say “fast”, I mean it just scythed through traffic with ease and effectiveness that fits much younger cars. It was a testament to its driver, of course, but also to the bullet proof nature of this now iconic pickup.


Iconic in Israel, if not anywhere else. Back in the 1980s and even in the 1990s, these Subaru pickups made the local marked their own, outselling anything around, and doing so whilst enjoying the excellent reputation of their sedan\ wagon\ hatchback brothers. It was never called BRAT in Israel, so I won’t address it as such. Its only competition at the time was the Volkswagen Caddy, based on the Mk 1 Golf, which was much more expensive and not as easy- or cheap- to maintain as the Subaru.

Anyway, this specific specimen caught on dash-cam last week was vivid enough with its obviously-not-original yellow paint, but also sported the weirdest wooden (or maybe they’re plastic?) stake sides I’ve ever seen on a pickup:

This paint scheme reminded me of the Jamaican flag colors, so you get Reggae for soundtrack.

And now for some photos of Subaru Pickups from various classic car meetings. Unlike the harried yellow/ green pickup in the video, these are treated for what they are- classic cars who are well past their working days: