In-Motion Classic: Mercedes-Benz W123 in Heavy Traffic


Lately it seems my trusty dash-cam finds classic cars everywhere I go. Latest victim is this quite beautiful W123 Merc.


When I say “beautiful” I don’t necessarily mean that this 1982 Mercedes is pretty- you could debate over its shape. I mean this example was very well preserved, in a condition I’ve rarely seen with cars that drive in everyday traffic. We were all crawling towards the traffic lights when I spotted it. Well, it was right beside me:

Notice there’s a a small round shape, just ahead of the left-rear amber turn light. Points for the reader who identifies it.

The W123 was very popular in Israel in its day. Many (diesel) cars were used as taxis, but many were also bought as privately owned cars, and loved by their owners for their luxury, quality build and durability. Personally I think it was around that time, circa late Seventies \ early Eighties that MB made some of their best cars ever; the big W126 S-Class, this post’s W123 E-Class and its successor, the W124- perhaps the best of the lot.

As you’d expect, quite a few of these W123s survived, and can be seen- besides at traffic lights- at various classic car meetings:


This was probably the common look for most Israeli W123s; body colored wheel covers.


Most owners would prefer the cars with these desired alloy wheels.


Here the W123 is photographed with its bigger, older W108 sibling.



Some coupe C123s were also imported to Israel at the time, nowadays a very (and I do mean VERY) rare sight.