In-Motion Outtakes: 1980 Cadillac Seville – Tan Lines

This second-generation Cadillac Seville “lives” in my neighborhood.  In the moments when I got these pictures, I was faced with a very real conundrum.  The Seville was making a right turn at the very same intersection where my now-friend Adam was also making a right in the opposite direction, across the street, in his ’81 Chrysler Cordoba LS.  “Which car do I shoot?  Aaaaaa!!…”  I managed a few snaps of each, but rediscovered the frames of the Seville only recently.

The paint scheme on this Seville is probably as close as any car has ever gotten to matching my summer skin tone(s).  Since the end of May, it has been great to spend lots of time at the local neighborhood beach on beautiful Lake Michigan.  My weekend motto has always been something along the lines of “Work now, play later”, so it usually isn’t until after my household chores have been completed that I head outdoors on Saturday.  A lot of time outside has been partially to blame (is that the word?) for my relative absence around CC, lately, but summer in Chicago lasts for what seems like five minutes, so I’m going to (continue to) spend as much time outdoors as I can and live my best life.

The beige-and-gold finish on this particular example got me thinking about some of the most (and least) effective applications of two-tone paint.  I suppose that in the case of this Seville, whether you think it works or not depends on if you also like the basic styling of these cars (which I do, mostly).  The descending, side character line presents a logical break between the upper and lower halves of the car.  If you dislike the rear bustle on these “Slantbacks” (in casual parlance), the two-tone treatment (and in these colors, specifically) would seem only to emphasize that sloping rear end.

As for me, I like this color scheme, reminding me as it does of a delicious crème brûlée from the local fair trade coffee shop.  Come to think of it, these Sevilles – in profile, anyway – do actually remind me of a pastry.  Does anyone happen to know if GM stylist Wayne Cady had a favorite dessert?  Too many metaphors… sorry, CC readers.  Just enjoy these pictures and try to ignore my ramblings.

Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois.
Friday, April 22, 2016.

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