In Motion Outtakes: Brits On The Move Part 2 – Jags

I delete almost all my blurred shots. They’re not deliberate; they happen by accident as I’m scrabbling to pull my phone out of my pocket, swipe unlock the screen, find the camera button, and press it. This one somehow worked.

It’s a short wheelbase 1968-73 Series 1 XJ. They sold heaps more of these than the LWB version back then. Here the shorter cabin and deep chin conspire with lens distortion and blur to pull the car forward.

Despite the SWB’s dominant sales, Jaguar canned it on the 1973-79 Series 2 soon after launch. Not that the LWB is unpretty. The S2 XJ makes the most sense in terms of aesthetic cohesion; the shallower front bumper lines up with the rear unit in profile. And they’re still chromey.

1979-92 Series 3. I can’t forgive the bumpers. Don’t like the revised roofline either.

But on CC and in the rest of the world these have their many devotees, including the owner of this one. His is the most-used classic Jag I see in my parts.

If you squint, the buttress-less roof profile on this XJS cabrio makes it look like a Zagato tintop variant.

Hi-gloss S2 E-type slinking through a tram superstop.

Nice rear, but for that light panel.

Another piece of blurrendipity. Mk V.

This XK150 was caught exiting a busy roundabout at dusk. With multiple sets of headlights behind and alongside, things were illuminated just right.