In Motion Outtakes: Brits On The Move Part 1 – Non-Jags

This colonial outpost has a goodly share of CCs from the mother country keeping on. Like this Vauxhall Victor F-series. Even back in the 70s, these weren’t a common sight for me. But I’ve seen this one a few times, it’s in solid but not precious condition.

Curbivore jim took this. Bentley S1 Continental with body by Mulliner gliding through the CBD. An adaptation, only slightly less lovely, of the legendary R-type.

That’s how you do fins.

An automotive photographer once told me dark green was the hardest colour to shoot on cars. This was back in the days of film, and I don’t think it’s so bad these days. However, my old phone camera had developed an extreme warm bias by the time I saw this S1 Silver Shadow, so its gorgeous darker emerald is muted.

Rover P5B sedan on Rostyles all business-like. The four-door coupe overshadows these, but David Bache’s shape succeeds even with the taller roofline.

This image was conveyed to me via cellphone by jim, who received it from Trav O. It’s a Humber Super Snipe one drizzly evening. The image seems to have degraded a lot in transmission, or else it’s a detail from a larger shot. Nevertheless, I love this photograph. The blur takes us to the very edge of recognising the car, and the whole thing feel like a National Geographic shot from 1966.

AVL caught this one in country New South Wales – a Daimler Majestic glowing in the afternoon.

Out of my comfort zone here, but I remember this having a bullnose Morris sort of radiator treatment. Nice deerstalker.

Ford special looking like a cross between the Bristol 404 and a noddy car.

Post-82 Rover SD1. Stuck in traffic. Owner is loving it.

Austin Healey 100. Stuck in traffic. Owner not so loving it. Didn’t want to talk. So I stood there and took pictures. hehehe

Another making an escape.

MG of A.

TR of 6.

FG of Austin. Unlike the Vauxhall, these were all over my Melbourne of the 1970s. This is a favourite childhood shape; it is so characterful and how good is that panoramic windscreen? Best of all are those lower windows for tight manoeuvring. It reminds me of a boxer with bandaging on his face.

1958 Commer. Got no idea what it landed on.

Morris Minor van looking brawny from a distance.

Best for last. A few minutes before I took this shot I was running errands in my mate’s Renault van. I went through a sleepy suburban intersection, on one corner of which was an old garage. With an orange Challenger parked there. After a double-take, I found a side-street and turned around to get some pics. Have not seen a Challenger since time immemorial.

I got out of the van and was just stretching my legs when I heard a ruckus up the road. Reflexively, I pulled my camera out.

Entering the intersection and tracing a sweeping right hander was this little ADO16 in Morris 1100 guise. This picture gives no idea how fast (fully legal, mind) this car was taking the corner while sustaining a poise that was billiard-table level. Hydrolastic!

Next week; Jags.