In Motion Outtake: 2005 Ginaf X3232S 6×4 Logging Truck Into Reverse

Reversing a big truck and drawbar trailer in one smooth, flowing movement demands experience and skills. The driver of this logging truck did the job flawlessly, and rather fast too.

The Ginaf truck is fully based on the contemporary DAF CF-series and is equipped with a Jonsered 1020 crane. The Ginaf’s power unit is a 12.6 liter DAF engine, good for 480 DIN-hp. Maximum axle loads from front to back: 9,000 kg – 11,500 kg – 11,500 kg. This means the truck has a wide-spread tandem, as a standard tandem gets a total registered maximum axle load of 19,000 kg (instead of this truck’s 23,000 kg ~ 50,700 lbs).