In Motion Outtake. 1959-65 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider.

alfa Giulietta3

Melbourne seems awash with classic Alfa Romeos. This Pinin Farina bodied Giulietta makes for an interesting counterpoint to yesterday’s Mercedes-Benz 190SL. As with the 190SL, US importer Max Hoffman played a direct role in the history of this car.

Alfa Giulietta1

Donald Osborne wrote this in an informative piece on Hoffman for the New York Times;

“Because of the size of the American market, Hoffman became influential in selecting designs for production, including that of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. His insistence on roll-up windows, a proper soft top and a functioning heater gave the Alfa an advantage over its British competition.”


This is what lost to the Pinin Farina proposal. The Bertone proposal, small windows and all. This diminutive BAT was admired by some, but Hoffman was ordering 600 of the things and he wanted the Pinin Farina.

Alfa Giulietta2

This one’s a 1300cc powered 101-series produced from 1959-65; the similarly bodied but quarterlight-less 750-series started in 1955. Aaron at AteUpWithMotor writes that this model was $700 cheaper than the circa $4000 asking price for the 190SL on Max Hoffman’s showroom floor. I know which one I’d rather have.