In Motion Outtakes: Big Rigs On The Move – And Some Stationary Dairy Cows

MAN from Germany

No truck shows or events this year, due to The Virus. So I have to catch them while strolling around the neighborhood, alongside the main road. Starting with a MAN 6×2 truck, coming from Germany. It has a hook-lift system and is towing a full trailer with two axles.

MAN Müller

All 4×2 tractors from now on, here’s another MAN – temperature controlled transport. Müller sounds very German, yet it is a Dutch family business, founded in 1938.

DAF Banken

DAF – temperature controlled transport (mushrooms, in this case).

Scania from Germany

Another visitor from Germany; Scania – tipping dry bulk tanker.

DAF Evergreen

DAF – shipping container transport.

Scania Campina

Scania – milk tanker (similar rig to this one).

Scania Koops

Scania – temperature controlled transport.

Volvo Breth Trans

Volvo – temperature controlled transport. Breth Trans hails from Prague, Czech Republic.

Scania Wezenberg

Scania – temperature controlled transport.

DAF Triton

DAF – shipping container transport.

Mercedes Van Son & Koot

Mercedes-Benz – temperature controlled transport. The semi-trailer blends in nicely with the background!

Fiat-PSA van

Much smaller, but a commercial vehicle just as well. Is it a Fiat, Peugeot or Citroën? A Ram ProMaster it ain’t…

Land Rover Discovery

The last one for today, a Land Rover Discovery with a horse trailer. As a matter of fact, Land Rovers and horse trailers seem to be inseparable here. Well, at least you’ve got some form of backup readily available when hitting the road.