In Motion Outtakes: Heavy (And Not So Heavy) Commercial Vehicles On The Move

Volvo FH brick hauler

Beginning this round with a classic looking, yet modern combination. Spotless and very classy too, with the old school roof rack as its only add-on. The 2017 Volvo FH tows a typical semi-trailer for transporting bricks or any type of concrete end product.

Volvo FH brick hauler

Semi-trailers with four axles are quite common in that line of business, usually these are towed by a powerful (500+ hp) 4×2 tractor. The semi-trailer is a 2020 KWB, the tractor is a Volvo FH.

Volvo FH brick hauler

The same combination, from another angle, with the roll loader crane driven all the way to the back. The third and fourth axle of such semi-trailers are always steering axles. If they weren’t, any corner or traffic circle would put serious stress on both equipment and pavement. Not to mention on the driver, when finding him-/herself in a tight spot.

Volvo FH brick hauler

A downright brute of a rig. Completely empty though, as the Volvo’s pusher axle and the semi-trailer’s first and second axle are lifted. It’s all set and ready for another mighty heavy load.

MF farm tractor

Meanwhile, a Massey-Ferguson 5450 farm tractor is pulling a Lely Lotus tedder. Regular machinery for any dairy farmer.

Scania R-series tractor - MB Sprinter

The blue and white plants & flower hauler is on the outer lane of the traffic circle, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van is on the inner lane. More traffic oval than circle though.

Mercedes-Benz Antos truck

2019 Mercedes-Benz Antos refrigerated truck. Now it may be a shorty, but its GVWR is still a hefty 19.5 metric tons (42,990 lbs).

Iveco truck - Scania tractor

These are probably both on their way to a construction site. The 4×2 flatbed truck is a 2009 Iveco Stralis Hi-Street (which means it has a day cab), ahead of it is a Scania R-series tractor, towing a semi low loader with four axles.

Mercedes-Benz Actros truck

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2540 6×2 tanker truck. For oil recycling, as it says on its side.

DAF XF tractor - Schmitz Cargobull

DAF XF 440 FT tractor with a 2015 Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailer for temperature controlled transport.

Scania flatbed truck

2018 Scania R410 low-deck 6×2 curtain sider. At the back a Moffett truck-mounted forklift.

DAF XF tractor - Kraker semi-trailer

2015 DAF XF 460 FT tractor and a Kraker moving floor semi-trailer.

Mercedes-Benz Actros truck

2016 Mercedes-Benz Actros 6×2 truck with a close-coupled tandem axle trailer.

DAF XF truck

A similar combination, the truck is a 2013 DAF XF 410 FAN.

Mercedes-Benz Actros truck

And the last of the trio, coming from Germany, a Mercedes-Benz Actros with a Krone trailer.

Volvo FM box truck

2012 Volvo FM 4×2 box truck.

Scania R500 tractor

Scania R500 V8 tractor, coupled to a tanker semi-trailer for transporting hazardous materials.

Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor

Mercedes-Benz Actros with a tanker semi-trailer, also hauling something hazardous.

Volvo FH tractor

Splendid, this 2020 Volvo FH tractor and Schmitz Cargobull end dump semi-trailer.

Volvo FH tractor

Another Volvo FH with an end dump semi-trailer, a 2018 Carnehl.

DAF CF 6x2 truck

2013 DAF CF 410 FAS 6×2, towing a full trailer. The truck’s hook-lift system is also used to put a container on and off the drawbar trailer.

DAF CF 6x2 truck

Another one with a roll-off system. The truck also happens to be a DAF CF 6×2, albeit with a day cab instead of a tall sleeper cab.

DAF CF tractor

1996 Spitzer Eurovrac dry bulk tanker semi-trailer, towed by a DAF CF 4×2 tractor of a much more recent date.

Scania R410 tractor

Thanks to the semi-trailer’s extra axle spacing and the Scania’s heavy-duty steering axle, this dry cement hauler gets a 50 metric tons GVWR: 20 tons total axle load for the tractor (8.5 + 11.5), 30 tons for the semi-trailer (3 x 10).

Volvo FH tractor

Two 20ft shipping containers for transporting bulk goods, loaded on a 2019 D-Tec semi-trailer. The tractor is a Volvo FH-series.

Volvo FH tractor

This combination, a 2015 Volvo FH with a D-Tec tanker semi-trailer, is used to haul all kinds of dirty & smelly liquids. That is, liquid enough to be pumped in and out of the big tank.

Mercedes-Benz Atego truck

2019 Mercedes-Benz Atego truck with a swap body. The light Benz is powered by a 5.1 liter, inline-four turbodiesel.

Scania R500 tractor

I’m sure the 2010 Scania R500 V8 tractor doesn’t even notice it’s towing this single axle semi-trailer. Put the pedal to the metal, Bram!

Volvo FH tractor

Definitely a milk tanker, the tractor is a 2011 Volvo FH with a steering and liftable pusher axle.

Volvo FM 6x2 truck

That’s a nice load of straw bales, carried by a Volvo FM 6×2 flatbed truck and a full trailer.

MAN TGM truck

2015 MAN TGM truck.

MAN TGS dump truck

The last one, being back downtown -all relative- again. The Remmits company is currently reconstructing a road junction. The Liebherr excavator fills the 2018 MAN TGS 35.460 dump truck with paving bricks.

This MAN is a heavy dude for sure, given the GVWR of 36 metric tons (79,366 lbs). Its own crane is neatly folded up between the cab and the dump bed. One of the MAN’s co-workers can be found here.