The Mystery Independent Lead Sled?

01 Willys b

mystery car

This posting is sort of a CC Clue and answer all in one. Except I haven’t a clue as to what this thing is, and therefor can’t supply an answer to the question of what kind of car this is.

Originally I thought that identifying this car, found in a Chicago junkyard in 1977, would be a slam dunk. The front fenders and headlights were obvious tip offs-Graham shark nose. But the shark noses didn’t have sealed beam headlights. And the windshield was quite Willys-like and unlike 1938-39 Grahams.

Looks like an Independent under witness protection.

 02 Willys

The hood doesn’t fit in with a Graham or Willys of the ‘38-’39 period either.

No does the grille, which looks as though it was lifted from a ‘40-’41 Hudson, and rather inexpertly at that.

But there is a haunting similarity of the windshield, the hood, and the hood side panels with those items on a 1938-39 Lincoln Zephyr 3-passenger coupe.

 03 Willys

From this perspective, the side windows, the roof sculpturing above the doors, and the rear windows, this is looking more and more like a Lincoln Zephyr.

But the Zephyrs of this period had clearly defined rear pontoon fenders, and this car obviously has none.

 04 Willys

If I had to bet money on it, I’d say that this isn’t a modified Graham or Willys but a heavily customized 1938-39 Lincoln Zephyr with a lot of lead thrown at it. And most of the body work looks rather well done. I’ll leave questions of good taste and ultimate identity to the Commentariat.