Independents’ Week Outtake: Don’t Forget The AMX!

6-8-2013 079 (800x562)

I can’t let Independents’ Week go by without at least a passing mention of the AMX. Plus, I shot a most excellent one at a Quad Cities Cruisers cruise night last summer. It looks quite fetching in burnt orange, wouldn’t you say?

6-8-2013 077 (800x533)

A two-seat version of the AMC Javelin, the AMX was meant as a reply to the General’s Corvette. A gutsy try for sure, but production did not exactly worry Chevrolet Division’s accountants. But it was a beautiful car, and to this day, I prefer the AMX’s styling to the Javelin–though both are quite worthy of my MM garage! That this one has the rare beige leather seating is an even bigger incentive.

Normally I’m not a fan of rear window louvers, but the color-keyed and striped version this one sports had me admiring it, just for the sheer quality of its execution! Oh AMX, you had so much potential…

6-8-2013 078 (800x553)