CC Global: Visitors To Cape Town – Numberplates From Far

Cape Town, South Africa, is a hot destination for people from inside South Africa, all over Africa, and Europe to take up residence. The cars often come along, and the results can be interesting.


Toyota’s Hi Ace underpins the South African mini bus taxi business and all local Hi Ace’s are assembled here, however this Zimbabwian registered model looks like a JDM import, note the script in the bottom right corner of the first pic. Zimbabwean commercial vehicles have red on white number plates, private cars have black on white. All commercial vehicles there get the red reflective strip. The ‘Driver instructed to stop at railway crossings’ sticker is a good idea, here too people take chances with sometimes grizzly results. The other sticker says something like ’80kms wide main roads, 60kms all other roads.’

The Renault Megane cabrio on the right is a tasty CC option and is carrying regular Cape Town plates. They sold here new in reasonable numbers and I am liking the more and more.. Watch this space!!


This assimilated-to-the-Cape Toyota Corolla AWD wagon is almost certainly an ex-Zim JDM import, note the red reflective strip. Love the rear wing!


This Volvo C70 is from Zambia. Lusaka to Cape Town is 2900kms. While talking numberplates the Holden is locally registered, XXXX-WP is our vanity plate option, and the CBM 571 is almost certainly it’s original plate from the Laingsberg municipality, a town to our north in the Great Karoo.


A closer look at the Zambian plate.


This Toyota Hilux is carrying a Namibian vanity plate, the NA being the fixed part. the Kia Picanto is carrying South African Gauteng Province plates. Johannesburg, the financial centre of SA, is in Gauteng. Most rental cars countywide have GP plates, plus the same goes for many fleet businesses.


This Benz is carrying regular Namibian plates. the last one or two digits denote the town, in this case Luderitz, a small harbour town on the Skeleton Coast. Go search Google images  for Luderitz, or Kolmanskop, the ghost town abandoned to the advancing sand dunes.


From Botswana we have this circa 2007 Nissan Elgrand, a posh JDM van. You cant swing a lens in Cape Town without focusing on a CitiGolf..


Also from Botswana we have a ’97 Nissan Elgrand, and below the same car seen elsewhere. Note Botswana plates are yellow background at the back and white at the front. I think that is based on the UK system? Please excuse some of the strange angles, many of these pics are taken from my car.



And from Lesotho another JDM import, a Toyota Spacio. JDM cars are not available to buy in SA, to  protect our car industry I gather. It seems they can only be brought in by immigrants. I have tried to read up but there doesn’t seem to be anything definitive. They like to keep us guessing..

To change pace a UK registered 1937 Rolls P111 Arthur Mulliner Sedanca de Ville  seen at the 2015 Timour Hall Classic car show, which I have missed for the past two years. This is a lovely show, all sorts are welcome, see below.


Off topic, but when last did you see an original condition Ford Anglia, or an any-condition Mitsubishi Colt??



And lastly, to confuse matters completely, here is a Cape registered VW Synchro that comes from England / is owned by some one called England, and looks like it has spent years on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.