Is It Bigger Than A Town Car: 1973 Super Beetle – Um, No

Okay, today is a holiday (for you U.S. CCers anyway), and there’s probably not a whole lot of folks reading CC–with such pressing matters as turkey, football and dessert! But I saw this lonely little VW today, sitting all by itself while driving past the local golf course and I just had to stop.

Well, this is not exactly going to be a horse race, is it? Nope, the 1973 Super Beetle weighed in at a feather-light 2072 lbs. Two Super Beetles would be only 129 pounds more than the Lincoln’s curb weight. Different strokes for different folks, and all that.

I really liked the ’70s style dished chrome wheels and metallic blue paint. This is at least a 1973 Super Beetle, as it has the new wraparound windshield that 1971-72 Super Beetles lacked.

1973 models also got a brand-new “big-boy” style dashboard, that even came with fake wood on it (gasp!) on some of the special edition Beetles–Le Grande Bug anyone?

Even in the shots of the Beetle by itself, the Lincoln lurks in the background–almost like the VW is a little Apollo capsule circling the big Panther Moon.

Okay, you knew this post was rigged from the start, but for you lovers of cold hard facts, the 1973 Super Beetle was 160.6″ long, 62.3″ wide and had a 95.3″ wheelbase. And for those of you who missed the first IIBTATC post, the Townie is 215.3″ long, 78.2″ wide and a 117.7″ wheelbase.

There are a lot of folks who don’t like Panthers, and even some other folks who don’t care for air-cooled Volkswagens (why? beats me). I like ’em both, myself.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!