Design Capsule: Jensen Interceptor – Design Hand Me Down, Two Times

(first posted 9/5/2011)   The Jensen Interceptor is a handsome brute, undoubtedly. But its design is hardly original, as this little match up with two older cars shows all to well.

Of course you know the top car, the 1963 Studebaker Avanti. The middle one is a bit obscurer: the 1964 Brasinca Uirapuru, a Brazilian GT, of which only 73 examples were made, and powered by a triple carb version of the old Chevy six (just like the original Corvette). Wiki makes reference to the Uirapuru’s being the stylistic antecedent to the Interceptor, and even has a link to a Brazilian video comparing the two, but no mention is given to the rightful originator of them both. Undoubtedly, the Uirapuru was the missing link, as its front and rear ends are much closer to the 1966 Interceptor. Really new design ideas don’t come by often, and when they do, folks like to pay homage to them, over and over.


CC 1963 Studebaker Avanti: Flawed Brilliance  PN

CC Jensen Interceptor: The handsome Ital-Anglo-American Mashup  D. Saunders