Curbside Recycling: Corvair Summer Quartet – Could You Frankenstein One Runner From These Parts?

Chevrolet Corvair

While some think Corvairs are all collectible, the truth is that they aren’t all that rare to come across in the junkyard, and I certainly stumble upon them from time to time.  What is rare though is to find four of them, all coupes, all at the same time, and in the same row of the same yard.  One is even a “Spyder” turbocharged model.  Obviously from someone’s “collection”, it appears it was time to finally put them all out to pasture, if you will.  But looking at this foursome, while there are many similarities, there are also many differences.  All four of these have some missing items but it kind of seems that by mixing and matching what’s left, perhaps (at least) one runner could be created to have some fun with this summer.

Or maybe next summer depending on how fast you are with your toolkit.  Parts are cheap at this pick’n’pull yard (located in Greeley, Colorado before you ask).  So what would you use from which car to build your babe-magnet classic, starting with the body, continuing into the engine room and finishing inside?  I’ll present them in order below and refrain from adding my own thoughts as you of course know best when it comes to Corvairs and I wouldn’t dare impose.  So, without further ado, let’s open the gates!

First up is the Ermine White one:

Got your shopping list started?  OK, select page 2 below to see the next candidate, the Satin Silver one.

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