Junkyard Tour: A Little Bit of Everything


The scrapyards here in Western Canada are currently under a blanket of snow (or have turned into mud pits, if unseasonably warm) but I thought I would share a tour from the last time I made it out to one of the local yards. We’ve got a bit of a smorgasbord with some big American yank tanks, a Japanese grand tourer, German diesel, car based pickup and a Canadian market specific model.

1975 Mercedes Benz 300D 1

As you enter the yard there is always a small lineup of complete vehicles to purchase. It is mostly populated by late model sedans and minivans but sometimes a more interesting vehicle will be on offer like this W115 chassis Mercedes Benz. It is a 1975 300D with the larger five cylinder diesel engine. It didn’t look too rusty but certainly needed some work to get back on the road. The price tag of $1999 seems a tad optimistic to me given that I can’t get anywhere near that for my older manual transmission 220D.

1975 Mercedes Benz 300D (1)

A souvenir hunter had already made off with all the Mercedes badges. Shame about the automatic transmission but the MB-Tex upholstery seems to be upholding its reputation for durability.


1958 Cadillac (1)

Anyone want to take a stab and identifying this big classic?

1958 Cadillac

The front three quarter view helps with an opportunity to see those distinctive doors. This one was labelled as a 1958 Cadillac and looks to have been someone’s parts car. They seem to have only partially stripped it as there is still some chrome and all the glass left on it. I suspect there is little demand for the four door specific parts which is why they are still intact.

1958 Cadillac (4)

This car is well beyond salvation but there are a few smaller bits that could live on in another Cadillac. A rear passenger ashtray is something that is just not seen on modern vehicles.

Chevrolet Malibu

Near by lurks this Chevrolet Malibu. The body looks pretty solid for a 1970s junkyard dweller. The front end trim has been well picked over.

1983 Datsun 280ZX

While the earlier Datsun Z cars had been proper sports cars, the ZX version retained most of their looks while transitioning to more of a boulevard cruiser. This one appeared to be picked over but looked like it might have been in reasonable shape before entering the yard.

1983 Datsun 280ZX (3)

A 2.8L straight six still powered the Z car for 1983 and the far forward placement of the air filter housing made for a tidy looking engine compartment.

1983 Datsun 280ZX interior

Not surprisingly, someone has snapped up the desirable five speed manual gearbox, which will likely replace a four speed unit in an earlier Z or 510. The very ’80s digital dash looks a little odd next to the very 70s auxiliary gauges in separate pods.

1983 Datsun 280ZX (4)

At the rear we can see signs of rusting, but by Datsun standards it doesn’t look that bad.

1989 Acura Integra

These first generation Acura Integras are getting quite rare to see. The four door sedans, even more so. As I understand it the four door sedan was sold in Canada but not the United States which only got the three and five door hatchback models. Looks like very little demand for parts on this one thus far, but its engine has likely been harvested by a Civic owner.

1986 Dodge Rampadge

The yard labelled this Dodge Rampage as a 1986 which is obviously incorrect given that production halted after the 1984 model year. A front clip would have helped to narrow it down to the exact year.

1986 Dodge Rampadge interior

Rather colorful seats and a mostly intact interior.

1986 Dodge Rampadge rear

It is rare to see a Rampage in the scrapyard as these little trucklets have quite a following. The rear accident damage would have made it tough to economically save this one.

The concludes this portion of the tour. We’ll rejoin the tour with part two in a few days.