Junkyard Outtake: A Real Touring Sedan!


The local yards have offered pretty slim pickings lately. So for this week’s Junkyard Outtake, we’ll be firing up the wayback machine and digging into my archives.

Let’s see what was happening at the U-Pull in May of last year, shall we?


At the time, this was only the second Touring Sedan I’d ever seen in the tin – the first being a thoroughly destroyed grey one at the “Back Forty” which was never photographed. By this time I knew they were something of a rarity, so I made sure to take plenty of pictures.


Prior to the fender-bender, this one looked to have been pretty straight.


Can’t quite say the same under here. Check out that fender well rust!


Oh, to have owned my Ninety-Eight when this one came along! Grey is by far my favorite Touring Sedan interior color.


Granted, the seats were pretty shredded. But still – all that grey trim would have been a better match for my black Trofeo seats than the blue and maroon parts I ended up with. (I wound up painting and/or dying all the mismatched parts black to go with the seats… it turned out nice, but took far too much work.)

Looks like somebody had already bought the genuine wood trim from the dash and console, and the shifter bezel. But the trademark basket-handle shifter setup was still there.


At 250,495 miles, I guess its interior has a good excuse to be looking a little tired. (Too bad some idiot had to bash the clear plastic dome… TS clusters in nice shape bring $50-80 on eBay.)


At least they didn’t destroy the back seat bottom when removing it. (Hey, look – there’s the console trim!)


Grey leather, grey carpet, black trim. If I ever have to own another four-door, please let it be like this!


This one even had all its grey plastic body trim. I could have completed my set for just a few dollars (and perhaps a few small putty-knife related injuries).


Of course, this wasn’t the last Touring Sedan I’d encounter. Months later, I would end up finding two more – a white ’87 with maroon interior, and a white ’89 with blue/white interior – which together were responsible for turning my derelict Ninety-Eight into a full-blown faux Touring Sedan.


Nearby, I spotted another oddball. This FWD Buick coupe (Electra? LeSabre?) has a fake convertible top.


It takes all types, I suppose…


Let’s go for the White GM FWD Trifecta!

This Caddy also had an “enhanced” roof – but what makes it more interesting is that no one had taken its wheels. All four of those “coke bottle” style American Racing rims were intact, usable, and even had decent rubber. Normally those would have sold within minutes.


Jeep Wrangler. Well done.


Speaking of Cadillacs with funny roof accessories, let’s have a look at this more recent find.


Looks normal enough from here. But let’s get closer.


Can you see what’s wrong?


Yup – they actually covered up part of the rear door window with the fake roof. The Broughamance is officially over for this one.


At least they selected an appropriately colored Zip-Tie…


Does it seem like the Junkyard Outtake has been scraping the bottom of the ol’ barrel lately? Never fear! Next week will bring some fresh finds from the Back Forty – some non-GM finds, no less! Stay tuned…