Junkyard Outtake: Baby, It’s COLD Outside!


Last week here in the Land of Sky-Blue Waters, the mercury was struggling to climb above the twenty below zero mark (that’s Fahrenheit, by the way). Add a decent wind and some precipitation, and what do you get?

You get the junkyard all to yourself, that’s what!

Once again the Junkyard Outtake presses on, undeterred by such things as wind chills and rapidly-dying camera batteries – all to bring you the best finds of the week. Let’s see what has appeared at the U-Pull since our last visit, and check back on a few old friends while we’re at it.


Upon entering the yard, it’s tough to overlook this Impala.


Who’s the monkey that did this?!


Oh yeah, slather it on. Did somebody ask for “extra cheese”?


Hard to say whether this was a creative statement of some sort, or they were really that confused. Which was it? The world may never know.


The yard has waited longer than usual to crush – probably because they’re waiting for scrap prices to hit their usual yearly highs, which always seem to come in the dead of winter. This row is quickly getting cleared out.

But wait! What’s that next car in line for the crusher?


It’s none other than the Electra coupe from nearly two months ago. Poor old thing. It has no idea what’s about to happen.


What’s even more tragic is how so few parts have disappeared from it over the past months.


At least someone got this one piece of glass. A few other small odds and ends are gone as well – but all that nice, straight sheetmetal will be flat soon. What a shame.


One of the four Buick sport wheels has disappeared off into parts unknown. With only three remaining – and no discount for waiting until the last minute, nor for their no longer being a set – I guess I won’t be buying them. Nor will anybody else, by the look of things; wheels lying atop a car means they’ll be getting crushed together.


After that sad sight, this Cavalier is a welcome distraction. It’s the first honest-to-goodness art car I’ve seen in the yards in a while. A masterpiece it ain’t – but you’ve got to give them credit for trying (if only they’d tried half as hard under the hood!)


Nearby, there’s another new arrival – that perennial CC favorite, a Cadillac Fleetwood.


Hmm. I wonder if this one’s been a Minnesota car long?


HT4100. Eek!


The chocolate brown interior looks comfortable, if a bit wet and dirty.


What can one say about plastiwood that hasn’t already been said?


Dig that door! I tried to shut it, but it would not cooperate.


Now we see why. This one’s got the über-rare 5M8 ventilated door option! I suspect it also has the optional BP7 Flintstone Brakes (the two were often seen together), but I don’t feel like lying in the snow to find out.


And speaking of peculiar options, that sure is a dandy hitch setup!


Finally, we have arrived at the back of the yard, temporary home of the ’81 coupe that was previously featured in our B-Body Bonneville Bonanza. It’s just as crashed as ever – only now there’s some snow on top.


But that doesn’t matter. I’m here for its headliner – perhaps the only one left around these parts which isn’t sagging. If I can get it out in one piece, it’ll be mine. ($6 cash, and some numb fingers, is a small price to pay for completing my LeSabre’s interior.)

I was halfway through the job when something in the neighboring Ford department caught my eye.


Now, I’m no Ford guru – but that looks like a ’78 Marquis to me. And a coupe, no less!


What’s that under the hood? The label says it’s either a 351 or a 400. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference.


Looking inside, we see a surprisingly nice interior. Unlike most cars in this yard, I suspect that red cloth would actually clean up to like-new.


67,334 miles. Somebody shoulda stuck this one on craigslist instead of junking it.


So far, only the bumper, wheels, and rear drums appear to be missing.


Ooh! Ooh! There’s that word again! You know which one I’m talking about.


Though the tin-worm has started to do its thing, there’s still a lot of car left to work with. Er, there was a lot of car left to work with. Its days are officially numbered.


Meanwhile, my goal has been accomplished. One more part salvaged!


Next week, we’ll head up north to check out a snowmobile junkyard that’s packed with dead sleds from the ’60s and ’70s. If two skis and a 2-stroke is your idea of a good time – or even if you’re just curious and want to see some prehistoric snow-machines – you won’t want to miss it!