Junkyard Outtake: Back to the Back Forty


This week we’re back at my favorite off-the-map junkyard, documenting a few more of the cars which cover acres there. Give a wave and a howdy to the owner, and let’s pass through the gates to see what treasures await!


One of the stars of our last visit was this ’59 Chevy wagon. It was a fresh arrival on this particular day, some four years ago.


Not only had it been parked under a tree for some time, but it had at least one tree growing up through it.


Another new arrival, which appeared to be from the same location, was this ’62 Impala sedan.


Sometimes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and there’s certainly goodies left to be had on this car. But in other cases, one man’s trash is just one man’s trash.


Moving on to the North Loop, and into the deep grass. This wagon looks to have hit everything but the lottery.


Ouch! That’s not gonna buff out.


Here’s an interesting one: a ’76 Grand Prix. SJ, 400, and plain Jane wheelcovers. This one suffered an engine fire at an early age, and has been laying here ever since. The interior was pulled long before I was alive, and various mechanical parts are also long missing. The rest is just sitting around, waiting for someone to show some interest.


Wish I’d have taken more pictures of it.


This rusty hulk was once a Tempest or LeMans. I suspect some A-body expert will jump in to clarify which it is.


Most of the more sought-after models in this yard get taken good care of, being kept up out of the dirt and in spots where the grass gets cut regularly. But this one is hidden away behind a tree, and seems mostly forgotten. The reason is a mystery.


Not much to say here, especially with my memories of it being faint. I do recall there being a 400 under its hood, which was long ago relieved of its intake manifold and probably full of water.


We’ve been wandering in the North Loop today. But as you can see, there’s hundreds more cars to look through, a decent chunk of which have already been photographed for future installments. So stay tuned in the coming weeks! As the long, cold winter goes on, we’ll continue to explore this yard, a couple of wrecks at a time.