Junkyard Outtake: Put Up Your (Iron) Dukes


You never know what you might find when visiting your local junkyard. Last week we had this trio of GM strangeness. And this week we have another group of Things You Don’t See Much Anymore, courtesy of the General (as well as the general public’s general neglect for their vehicles).

Most of you will recognize this mill as being the oft-bemoaned TBI version of the venerable Iron Duke. When I was seeking one a few months ago (for swapping into a tractor – long story) there were none to be had. But now that I’ve committed to another engine, my first choice is showing up in abundance. Such is life.


The aforementioned lump was found under the hood of this Calais. The 2-door version is pretty rare around these parts… and though I’m aware of their many shortcomings, I can’t help but think this one deserved better than to be sacrificed to The Crusher.


The interior is as mint as you’re ever gonna see. I’d be tempted to pull those buckets if I thought I’d ever find a use for them.


No headliner sag! What’s going on here?


A mere 85K miles on the clock. This ain’t a car, man, it’s a time machine!


Four wheelcovers, no waiting.


On the other side of the aisle we have its Buick counterpart, looking a little wearier for the wear…


…but still sporting the same motor.


Not quite as spiffy on the inside, either.


90K miles. Seriously? This is truly a red letter day at the U-Pull.


Another trunk full of wheelcovers (well, three out of four anyways – as opposed to the typical zero out of four). I imagine it would be a good day to be an N-body owner around here.


They can’t all be cream puffs, though. Check out this mileage queen: a suspiciously straight-looking, late Ciera wagon…


…with nearly 325K miles…


and the super rare tri-color interior option! It also happened to reek of cat.


A bit of a CC Clue of sorts: can you guess what this back bumper is connected to? (They love the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, believe in cooking you some tasty food, and could have used someone who knows how to replace a wheel bearing – sounds like this one’s former owner and I would have gotten along just fine!)